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Great Vision Without Great People Is Irrelevant” 

“Great Vision Without Great People Is Irrelevant” – the words of Jim Collins sum up all the major success stories. In his book “Good To Great’, Collins talk about the importance of having the right kind of team that can efficiently fuel the growth of the company. He also talks about the phenomenon that is “genius with a thousand helpers,” stating that those leaders who solely rely upon their own vision and genius can become great business people but cannot succeed in creating or maintaining a great business. From Modi to Ambani, Zuckerberg to Gates or SMEs to budding entrepreneurs, implementing vision requires the right work delivered at the right time, which is possible only when you have a dedicated team. Choosing the right team is perhaps the first and foremost step a company should take if they aim to attain (or maintain) the top spot in their field. However, finding the right team can at times prove to be a herculean task. This is where Executive Search firms can achieve what in-house talent acquisition professionals often cannot - not as a consequence of being incapable, but simply because a search firm is laser focused on the task, and have specialized skills in their areas of expertise.  

Each client is unique, with its own culture, expertise, mission, and values. Not all professionals are going to fit in with your firm, however experienced or skillful they are. At EO Executive Search, our consultants take a consultative and long-term approach to client relationships. We take no shortcuts to understand your hiring requirements. We devote patience, time and effort to learn and listen; to truly understand your business, your people, to see who fits and whom might not.

Our four-step recruiting process gives structure and accountability to the recruiting engagement.


We will undertake detailed discussions with you about your requirements. We look at your hiring budget, the characteristics, personalities, team fits, soft skills, skill-sets and experience required and then the timelines for delivering long and shortlists. We advise and manage expectations if our professional experience, knowledge, and opinions lead us to think something is not realistic or not obtainable.

A written opportunity profile (extended job description) and project timeline are developed to define the structure and attractiveness of your recruitment proposition.


Based upon our experience of the market and previous successful mandates, we will agree and document parameters and search methodologies, drawing on our extensive internal mappings, research and proprietary information before reaching out to our networks and existing contacts to draw up a thorough long-list of target prospects, before narrowing this list down to a select few and a relevant shortlist of candidates for you to meet. Targeted candidates are contacted and screened to ascertain interest and compatibility. A weekly conference call is scheduled to keep you up-to-date on the search assignment.


Based on our research and shortlists, we will discreetly interview candidates and constantly seek your opinions and thoughts on each of them. Our actions are guided only by our clients’ best interests, the nature of the role and market conditions. To that end, we give candidly honest opinions and are prompt in responding to clients’ feedback. Interviews are conducted and assessment profiles are administered for potential candidates covering work experience, management style, personal characteristics, and other essential criteria using our Leadership Assessment.

Shortlisted applicants are assessed against the specifications of the role and their cultural fit with the client before the second-round interviewing process begins directly with the clients. Throughout the process, we, as a client-oriented corporation offer market intelligence and honest guidance, but the ultimate decision is always yours, our client.

Leadership Assessment summaries of the top candidates are presented to you and meetings are scheduled with the final shortlisted individuals.


Feedback from all parties is reviewed to measure interest and determine a course of action. At your discretion, EO Executive Search may participate in employment negotiations with the prospective executive. The terms of an agreement are defined and communicated. EO Executive Search consultants will conduct formal reference checking. Our consultants conduct business reference checking only. Background checks, drug testing and so forth can be done by a third party provider at applicable costs. We will make ourselves available to you, in every possible way, to help with the integration and onboarding process and retain a respectful but non-intrusive interest in the executives we have helped place; long after they have taken up their new positions (as part of our post-placement follow-up).


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